How am I thinking? or The tree huggers have Lost.

I read, but I don’t know if I read like normal people.  I don’t just read a book, I hoover them, I snort them, I get lost in a book for hours until it ends and suddenly I look up and realize I don’t know what day it is.  That’s how I am with most things, I don’t know why.

When I have questions of self, I don’t ask mundane questions like ‘Who Am I?’  That’s obvious.  I am easily categorized.  According to statistics I am a lower-middle class recent graduate.  Statistically I have probably been to more countries and states than most other people in the US, but that doesn’t get me a medal.

I think more in terms of, “How am I thinking?”  “Why am I thinking?”  “What is the purpose of this thinking?”  But that line of thinking inevitably leads to my analysis.  As a species, humanity is finished.  Why?  Because we have ceased expanding outward.  We are not colonizing the moon, the depths of the ocean, or mars.  Instead all of tax money and private investment is spent on researching how to brain-wash the masses into liking the latest trends or simply predicting them.

Either a natural disaster is going to wipe us off the planet or we’re going to do it ourselves one day.  Even if we don’t, because of a concept called ‘planned obsolescence’ all our energy is expended in constantly replacing the products that wear out, by design of course.  Instead of building houses made of stone that last a thousand years, they are built from wood and barely last 30.  Instead of building cars that last 100 years, we have cars that just now barely last 250,000 miles.  Yes, it sounds like a lot when you speak in those terms, but how many generations of people have lived in the Stones homes of Greece and Italy?  Before the purely evil concept of ‘planned obsolescence’ was forged and put forward as a ‘good thing’ that ‘helps keep people employed.’

The tree huggers have lost.  How do I know?  Because they have no idea what planned obsolescence is.  The tree huggers are so snow-balled I’m surprised they even bother spiking trees.  I have a rule.  I won’t kill anything that is older than me.  I don’t believe I have the right.  If a tree is less than my age, I’ll hack it down or burn it alive, but any tree (or person/animal) that is above my age, I won’t do anything to damage.  But it really doesn’t matter, because concepts like ‘planned obsolescence’  will keep humanity stripping the earth down to it’s last blade of grass for generations to come.   Instead of going after the root of the problem. ‘public and private policy’ tree huggers attack the symptom, tree cutting.  The loggers aren’t cutting down trees because they want to, they’re cutting down the trees because they need to be paid.  Meanwhile, people like me with two masters degrees sit in judgement of them simply for wanted to earn an honest wage.
But you want to know how I absolutely am certain that the tree huggers have lost?  Because America has lost.  China and India have won, most likely because they don’t have what America has when it comes to the environment, a conscience. ..




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