Hiding from what?

Think about the world outside. Now think about your habits, the movies, tv, or games you use to distract yourself from reality.

NOW, think about all of it TAKEN AWAY. How would you feel? Examine your life with ALL of your distractions taken away.

Examine your life with ONLY your Job, your Friends, your Family, you Car, you Home, but NO DISTRACTIONS from it.

How do you feel now? Terrified? What would you fill your hours with? What would you use to distract yourself from…MUNDANIA. If you’re reading this now, you’re probably thinking this is all about YOU, but it’s not. I am the worst one of you…of us. We hide in our sports, in our books, in our games, in our reality tv, or even in our ‘cultural norms.’

We have been brainwashed to accept this White-Wash reality around us, this beige benign existence.

But there are some who have gotten away…somewhat. Those bikers you see riding together? A form of freedom, but also (possibly) a form of distraction.

These distractions, these things we use to distract ourselves, they are filler to keep us sane, a normal reaction of the mind that recoils at the sheer boredom of our lifestyles. Instead of trying to constantly improve our lives and ourselves we distract ourselves. We distract ourselves with work, with play, but do we focus on actually improving our life?

What’s the latest craze? Sparkly vampires, sickeningly cute, but also immortal and bad-boyish. And for men, UFC, ultimate fighting, with each year seeing more and more rules added in order to make it ‘safer’ and more ‘mainstream’. more white-wash, more beige, more mundane. It sickens me.


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